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Most bloggers would remember at least one of their posts that would have become ever popular than they might have thought. Peimages (1)ople with years of blogging experience will have a few posts to cherish with. But they should also think of making it popular again among the audience who might have missed on your best post so far. Here are some tips that would help further enhance the popularity of your already popular posts with good Web Designing Haryana.

Frequently update the blog :-

No matter how popular your blog was in the past, your blog will attract only less traffic if you would not keep them updated on regular intervals. You should never wait for the blog to get outdated making it difficult for search engines to identify your blog. Many bloggers have experienced the same outcome wherein a blog that might have got 90,000 views in a month gets less than 10,000 views within the next few months.

You cannot blame the readers for the debacle.

It is up to the writer or blogger to ensure the blog content remains updated and visible which would help improve the popularity with your already popular blog post. You must understand the fact that new audiences are coming into the world of web every day and those visitors might not be aware of the blog that you might have posted a year ago. Try replacing the quotes that people have already seen with new ones and ensure the article is relevant enough to attract the audience again and again.

Place Popular Posts in the Sidebar :-

By including popular posts in the sidebar, it helps visitors navigate easily towards the popular post that you want them to read on. Categorize the blog posts on the basis of its overall popularity and on the basis of those trending currently. It helps visitors who land on your blog page to find some more interesting and useful topics that they might have missed upon otherwise.

Placing posts in the sidebar is also acclaimed to be the highly clicked section by the readers while navigating through any websites. It assists in optimizing your blog post and thereby improving the overall ranking of your website design.

Include E-mail Subscription column for future notifications :-

It is a nice way of attracting more visitors who already must have read one of your blogs and are waiting for new ones from you. Instead of keeping them thinki
ng of when you are going to publish the next post, add an email opt-in column in your blog website. This would help email subscribers of your blog to get email notifications whenever you publish a new post.

Another way of increasing the email subscribers would be promoting more tips in return for an email subscription. Those interested with the article or blog post would definitely subscribe to get some more useful information.

Publish popular posts on the email campaigns :-

Email subscribers are going to be the readers that are sure to find suitable time and read the blog posts that you are going to publish or has already published. By promoting your popular posts through email to these subscribers, you can further enhance the popularity of your posts. These are the posts that are most preferred by the readers and it is sure to go well with the new subscribers you have, no matter how old the popular post have been.

These audiences are also likely to improve the social shares and thereby improving the number of websites that link back to your blog website. The email subscribers will likely comment and even share your articles using their social media accounts and thereby enhancing the tactics to get more click through for your popular blog post.

Link popular posts within blog :-

You can link the popular posts while writing blog topics that are familiar with the popular posts you have already published. But you must ensure that the linking must not be for the means of increasing your website traffic. It must make sense and has to be co-related with each other.

The linking of older posts in the new blog should not be distracting and must be with respect to the flow and theme of the blog post that you are currently writing. This way, you can increase the popularity of your old posts again by capturing the reader’s attention. Another method to enhance the website traffic would be to include a ‘Get Started’ blog page or a ‘How to’ kind of blog post that would help you to link popular posts within the blog post. ‘Get Started’ is a keyword that is searched more often in the web and can be of help for you in enhancing the popularity of your website.

Incorporate a content gate :-

Try including a content gate on your blog posts. Try to figure out the popular posts that are expected to generate more interest among the readers. Give more importance to How-to kind of articles which helps describe step by step procedure about a very interesting and useful topic.

By creating a content gate, visitors would be able to view the topic name and the images whereas they will be able to read the content only after they sign-up or subscribe for your e-mail notifications. Instead of this methodology, you can also ask them to Like or Follow your blog page on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It helps you to make a mark on the widening zones of social media. Either of the options can turn in favor of popularizing your popular posts and thereby improve traffic towards your blog website


Make Infographics of Popular Posts :-

Create Infographics of some of your popular posts. This can be done through introducing Slideshare presentations and also YouTube videos which can open the doors of endless possibilities for your content to reach newer audiences. There are many bloggers who have benefited more from introducing Infographics of their p
opular posts than their original blog post. We never know the way success follows you.

Re-publishing Popular Posts in other    blogs :-

It is always a good technique to publish your popular posts in other blog websites. How ever you will have to ensure the availability of tags within those posts that suggests the original source of the blog post was first published on your blog website.

Otherwise, you may miss on the generating traffic from the many readers of the other blog website in which you have re-published your blog post. Re-publishing the articles on other blogs can dramatically give you more exposure by making your blogs available for the specific audience of those blog websites. This further improves the traffic on your blog website.

Expand the blog content :-

Expanding the existing content of your popular blog post can really enhance popularity. Google have further categorized a new segment known as ‘in-depth articles’ and articles with more word count and meaningful information can find a place at the top of the Google search engbLOGGING1ine. Studies suggest blog content with more than 2000 words are likely to be better placed in the search engine rankings than the articles with a word count of 1000 or less.

Most of the web pages that are displayed on page 1 of Google Search Engine are likely articles having more than 2000 words. Long tail keywords are yet another thing that can significantly boost the web page rankings of your popular blog posts. But the long tail keywords have to be proportional with the content.

Blog Post Titles :-

Research and analyze the titles that visitors are likely to search for in getting information regarding a particular website, blog or articles. The first few search terms can make a huge difference in the ranking of your web page.

Some of the popular terms used are :-

  • Top Free
  •  Free
  •  Blog Post
  •  How to
  •  Why
  •   Best
  •  Simple
  •   Way
  •   Tips

Using the above-mentioned keywords in the title of your popular post will help in getting more clicks through by further popularizing the blog and helping the blog post to reach new audiences.

Conclusion :-

Including the above-mentioned tips is enough to enhance the blog popularity of the popular posts rather than writing similar content blogs again a number of times. Even though it requires some hard work initially, you will obviously taste success in the longer run.

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