Search Engine Myths And Misconceptions


As a beginner in SEO, there is a growing need to stay updated about the myths and misconceptions about the functionality of search engines since it would help beginners to perform SEO effectively. The most popular myths are based on search engine submission, Meta tags, keyword stuffing and paid search improving the organic search results.

Submission in Search Engines

During the earlier years when the popularity of internet was just beginning to grow, most of the search engines had submission forms which were a part of the SEO process. The websites would be tagged along with the web pages consisting of keyword information and would be then submitted in the search engines. Once done, resources would be indexed after crawling of the web pages by bots. But later on, most of the websites doing the search engine submissions proved to be spam since a majority of the URLs were unused. This led to search engines give more importance to the links from other sites thus giving more relevance to the content that was directed to the search engines naturally.

Meta Tags

There was a time when Meta tags were considered an important essential in SEO especially the Meta keywords tag. The important high ranking keywords would be included within the website that needs to be ranked and the website would be displayed in the query results whenever a user types in those keyword terms. But later on, ranking the websites based on the Meta tags was avoided completely because of the increasing number of spam websites that was ranking higher. However the other two tags namely Meta description tags and title tags are still considered to be an important parameter for a quality SEO.

Stuffing of the Keywords

There are many who think stuffing the content with relevant keywords will improve the search results in the search engines. However it is not true. The keyword density should be always 1% to 3% of the total website content. Even though keywords are an important SEO metric, stuffing the keywords might make your website look like a spam website.

Improve the organic search results with Paid Search

This is among another myth that is surrounding among website owners. They spend a lot of money on search engine advertising otherwise known as ‘Pay per Click’. However it is unlikely that paid search is going to improve the organic search results for your website within the search engines.


Author: topwebtutorial

Vikas Kashyap has a great interest in the field of digital marketing. He generally writes articles that are full of information which is related to website designing , development and seo. These tips are very useful for people who want to to be in touch with the latest technology trend.

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