Difference Between Twitter and Facebook In Promoting A Business

facebook.pngFacebook and Twitter are the most popular social networking websites that have changed the way people communicate with each other. Facebook provides a number of user-friendly features such as chat, posting of photos and even playing games where as Twitter is built around posting tweets of 140 characters.

Comparison between Facebook and Twitter

  • Facebook include features such as News Feed, Fan Pages, Status, Messaging, Chat, Games and Apps etc where as Twitter includes features such as Tweet, Retweet, Trending topics, Links, photos and videos etc.
  • Both Facebook and Twitter requires registration by users before using the services offered by these social networking websites.
  • Advertising can be done as banner ads as well as referral marketing in Facebook where as advertising is usually done in the form of tweets in Twitter.
  • In Facebook, photographs can be uploaded where as Twitter does not provide those functionalities.
  • Both of the social networking websites allow users to post updates.
  • The posts can be edited in Facebook where as it is not possible in Twitter.
  • There is no character limit while writing a post in Facebook where as only a maximum of 140 characters can be entered in Twitter.
  • Twitter also allows users to follow the trending topics where as such functionality is not available in Facebook.
  • Both of the social networking websites allow users to follow people.
  • Users can express their approval of content through ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Comment’ options in Facebook where as users can express the approval of content through ‘Retweet’ or ‘Favourite’ in Twitter.
  • Users are mentioned in Facebook by name where as in Twitter a ‘@’ sign will be used before the name.

The above mentioned comparisons are some of the key differences between Facebook and Twitter.



How Impressive Website Design Can Result In Improved Marketing Results?


DES.jpgConsistency is utmost important for a brand if they have to succeed in decision-making and Web Design In Panipat style implementation processes.

There are certain questions that you will have to answer yourself such as what is the purpose of your brand, where you want to be in the next few years in terms of marketing and business and the unique features provided by your brand which would help establish connection with the users etc.

The answers for these questions should be reflected in the design of your website and ensure the same design is used in mobile app, social media, printed materials and the marketing products that would be created by you.

Help users connect easily with your brand:-

Ensure easier connection for users with your website. Give enhanced focus on the design and development concept of the website in making the websites to load faster by making use of modern web and HTML technology.

The user controls and functions should be easier and flexible for the site visitors. Thus provide a pleasant experience for the site visitors which would encourage them to return back to your website while accessing the web during next time.

Common story should be created :-

Story creation should be an important aspect of your marketing and design plan for your website. Try generating more users for your website by creating visuals that communicate something to the users that can have a deep impact among them.

Sharing :-

Provide sharing options within the website which is an important social media marketing technique. This helps your brand connect with newer audiences with the help of your regular website visitors. Ensure adequate social share buttons are included wherever needed within your website.

Establish Trust :-

Good Web Service In Panipat should be designed to create trust among the users to do business with your brand. The ideal web design will include testimonials, links to media coverage, using own images, displaying the total number of social media connections etc.

Design that encourages action :-

A good web design in Panipat will have buttons that are designed easier for users to click and navigate towards the next step. The instructions should be clear and easy to understand for the users. Include options or buttons that are easier to find across the website for getting the best marketing results.

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website-designing-dehradunSEO can be a scary topic for a lot of companies; the rules seem ever-changing and there are so many variables that can affect your search engine ranking that it can seem like an impossible task. If you decide to invest in your web design though, the key is to go for a company that can incorporate plenty of SEO tips and tricks into your new website. Read on if you’d like to know three of the top ones you should know about.

Incorporate social feeds :

As social media isn’t directy related to SEO, companies often dismiss it, but whenever anyone does a search for a name (company or person) it’s likely that twitter profiles, LinkedIn accounts and Facebook pages will crop up. If you incorporate social feeds onto your web page, then the spiders that search it will pick up on them as having recently posted content, and it will help to give your page ranking a boost.

Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that posts and articles put on Google+ in particular are prioritised, so even if your homepage didn’t make the top ten results for a keyword search with good web design in Panipat, as long as you’re posting relevant and useful content on your social channels, your customers will still be able to find you.

Tidy page, faster performance :

There are several ways that designers can also help with boosting SEO in a visual way. Firstly, they can help you to create a page with minimal text that still contains the keywords and content you need in order to deliver the right message. This will both reduce your bounce rates from frustrated customers who don’t want text-heavy pages, and reduce the amount of unnecessary code in your pages.

Secondly, they’ll be able to correct your image sizes. If your loading time is too long, customers are likely to go elsewhere – the last thing the mobile customer wants to do is waste all of their data allowance downloading one image from your site. This will affect your bounce rate as well as your performance rating on search engines, so enlisting the help of an expert, such as those at   who specialise in SEO-friendly design, means you won’t compromise on quality having good web services in panipat.

Metatags, domain names and keywords :

When it comes down to the coding and the more complex details of your site, your web designer can be crucial. First of all, consider your metatags – the description and keywords of your site that are embedded into your code – as they summarize what your site is all about. When a user conducts a search, the description tag will be the short summary that appears about the page (about 150 – 200 characters long).

If this isn’t accurate, it could drive people away from your site, or it may even drop you down the rankings completely. You can also ensure keywords such as page titles are inserted into domain names, giving your pages another SEO boost.

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